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Indianapolis Welcomes Grand Opening of Sun & Moon Cafe Set for June 16, 2023!

Sun & Moon Café grand opening June 16th, 2023 at the heart of downtown

Indianapolis, IN. The Café offers a full line of coffee and espresso drinks, Sun & Moon

premium yogurt drink, boba teas and baked goods from Joyce’s Bakery. This Café will

become a model café for future cafes the company plans to open.

About YoHealth

Yo-Health, Inc. was founded in October 2020 with the asset purchase of a Beijing-style

premium yogurt store in Woodside, NY. Since then, our company, Yo-Health, Inc., has expanded its operations. We've added Yoshi, an Asian fusion restaurant, Joyce's Bakery, and 7K Farms, a food wholesale distribution company. As a holding company, Yo-Health, Inc. currently manufactures and distributes Sun and Moon Premium Yogurt in New York state. Additionally, we operate Yoshi restaurants, Sun and Moon Cafe retail outlets in Indiana and Ohio, and continue to serve over 260 restaurants through 7K Farms in central Indiana.

The company is currently headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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